A great finish to 2015!

Now that the Xmas rush is over we are taking the opportunity to work on our new ranges. Met with our designer who has sourced some beautiful fabrics for our pyjamas range. Decisions need to be made swiftly so that we can launch our new ranges as quickly as possible.

January can be a very grey month but with the tragedy of the floods it will be a very black month for some. Knowing the lovely City of York so well (both Olivia and myself were students at the University of York) the images of York under water were heart wrenching. We so admire the courage and tenacity of the residents of York and also of those people in other parts of the country whose homes have been flooded and possessions destroyed – a replay of the Dunkirk spirit. However, once the waters recede and the media moves away, they are still faced with the overwhelming task of cleaning up, redecorating their homes, coming to terms with destroyed precious possessions and doubtlessly battling with their insurers. Our hearts go out to them.

Helen Collins