Holiday essentials!


Left some space in my bags because shopping in a foreign destination is often much more exciting than shopping at home - we’ll even admit we’ve chosen destinations based purely on their retail reputation! However, we’ve learnt that shopping on holiday comes with its own set of pitfalls. Suddenly, you’re in a foreign place and everyone around you looks amazing in a similar item. Be it a kaftan in Capri, or Incan print in Tulum, you start to believe that even you can rock this item and you should definitely introduce it at home. The problem is not everything translates and chances are these kinds of things will end up as landfill in your next spring clean! 
Being on holiday means you’re more likely to say yes to that glass of wine (or three) with your long lunch, particularly if you’re holidaying in a blissed-out place such as Sri Lanka. The cardinal rule is not to shop after said wine, whether spontaneous or not. Just that little bit of alcohol could cloud your decision-making skills and wine-fueled purchases are seldom good. If you do have a few days in the area, we’ve found the best way to avoid an impulse purchase is to sleep on it. If you still feel like you can’t live without it (p.s. you always can!), go for it.

I always pack my best basics and most-worn items when I travel. There’s nothing more annoying than realising you don’t have that perfect white T-shirt or pair of jeans to wear. You don’t want to waste money on buying things you know you already have at home.
I am packing a set of our luxury pyjamas – in pure cotton these will be ideal in Sri Lanka, as unlike their synthetic counterparts, natural fibres are breathable and act as a temperature regulator. I aim to wear the jacket as a beach or pool cover up, the trousers with a cropped top or white vest and flat sandals during the day for sightseeing, and for dining out in the evening, I shall be teaming the set with high heeled sandals and my favorite inexpensive jewellery.

Olivia Collins